France August 15-29, 2011

Time: August 15, 2011
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Five concerts in five of the most prestigious cathedrals and churches in France

Program: Messe solennelle de Saint Remi & Messe de la délivrance by French composer Théodore Dubois.

French music lovers were thrilled to rediscover these two works thanks to Maestro Brousseau and the Choeur international.

Concerts: the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre (Montpellier); The Church of La Madeleine and the Church of Notre-Dame, (Paris); The Cathédrale de Saint-Étienne (Metz); And the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims, where the Choir was invited to present the two works by Théodore Dubois as part of the celebrations marking the 800th anniversary of the Cathedral.

Guest artists: Maria Knapik, soprano (Poland / Canada); Marc Boucher, Baritone, Quebec;

Jean-Willy Kunz, organist (France)