Romania June 27-July 11, 2013

Time: June 27, 2013
About Tour

Four concerts in four of the country’s most beautiful historical churches

Program : La Grand-Messe by great Québec poet and interpreter Gilles Vigneault, and the Oratorio The Argeş Monastery Romanian national composer Iacob Mureşianu.

Guest artists from Romania: Corina Klein, soprano; Gabriela Hazarian, mezzo soprano;

Liviu Iftene, tenor; Mihai Irimia, tenor; Dan Popoescu, baritone; Ana-Maria Negrea, pianist.

The theme of the Romanian Tour was the discovery and promotion of Canadian and Romanian cultural values. The Choir gave a concert in the following venues: The National Theater Oleg Danovski, Constanta; The famous Black Church, and the Church of St. Bartolomeu, both in Brasov; and the St. Iosif Cathedral, Bucharest.